Activities in Syvota

Sivota, with its magnificent audios, its green hills and its green islands, it is no coincidence that they attract more and more famous people.

Discover the beaches

The most popular beaches here are Bella Vraka and the Swimming Pool.

The first in Mourtemeno, one of the uninhabited -but lush and beautiful- islands, opposite the house.

You will not need a boat for all the activities in Sivota, as for Mourtemeno for example. It is essentially connected to the shore through a submarine strip up to a depth of a few centimeters, so you will reach it on foot!

The Swimming Pool, on the other hand, on the island of Mavro Oros, will be approached by the small boat that makes the -comfortable- route from the port of Sivota.

The colors and the transparency of the water, the sound, the natural decor really compose here an exotic experience!

Those who consider it one of the most beautiful beaches in the country are not wrong.